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Sabtu, 11 Mei 2013


hi all
on this occasion I want to introduce myself.
Though already a lot of posts but the this time I will introduce myself. no problem important I'm introduce my self  .

just ok
My Name is Tiara, my full name Chlorine Tiara Pertiwi. I am 17 years old
I have dream want to be businessmen. but, I do not know if that dream can come true,
I really expects it, never too late for me. while I am still young age.
I believe I can achieve my ambition.

I also want my brother happy. because I only have one brother....
Now I do not have a mother, because my mother had died a year ago.
I had to fend for themselves for the harsh life / cruel.
My life motto is
 "Never settle for the results you achieve"

Message for you
"Do not ever turn round if you want to succeed."

If you are always silent in anxiety

Continue to move forward, and say Move On

NB : Sorry if my english is not good,
I am still learning.

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